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Fixin' to Thrill
Beautiful enough to kill, gut, stuff, and frame above your fireplace.

Don’t worry about it. I won’t tell you details or content of the second half, but I will tell you that most of the voiceovers are Jamie’s.

— Diana Gabaldon (x)


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Here for this headline
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As much as I love Outlander

Seeing the same gifs reiterated over and over again on my dash will get old and that is the only reason why I’m mad that we have to wait until April for more.

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Anonymous asked:

i agree 100% on the ring thing, it just made them fighting less important in that moment and i am a little disappointed that they did that. hopefully they somehow still try and make jaime get a real ring bc it was a cute gesture and i loved it.

Agreed. The “key-as-ring” idea really did not impress me. Not to mention the engraving on the inside of the ring is probably the cutest thing ever.

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Why the Outlander Wedding made me a little mad

Are any of the book readers mad about the show’s treatment of Claire’s and Frank’s “wedding?”

Three things:

I for one was really excited to see Claire’s reaction when she laid eyes on the church where she was about to marry Jamie and realized that she had been married to Frank in the exact same place. Maybe a small breakdown? Maybe then a flash to the day she married Frank? An opportunity to show how deeply she loved the husband she left behind?

Secondly, I can’t BELIEVE that they decided to show that Claire and Frank eloped on a whim. I don’t know if this was designed to make the audience favor Jamie? (No need for that I assure you.) Was it to try to make it seem like Jamie cares more for Claire than Frank did? Was it to make Frank seem like a lesser man? I don’t like it. One of the best parts of this romance is that Claire loved Frank completely, making her love for Jamie that much more important because of what he replaced.

I just don’t get it. Like, they spent the time on the flashback anyway. You think they could have gotten the subject matter right.

And then why have Claire take off her ring? It’s like she has already forgotten Frank. While we are on the subject of rings why on earth did they do what they did with the key? No reason for that? I personally thought it was sweeter that Jamie pretty much forgot that he would need a ring and used his father’s in a pinch. Not to mention his quest for a wedding ring for Claire made for an … Interesting return to Leoch. I just don’t understand wasting time on changing these details. DO YOU HEAR ME I DON’T GET IT! Like with the few minutes they spent having Angus and Rupert get the ring they could have shown the scene where Claire faints after the wedding. Or maybe Jamie’s honesty speech? THEY JUST WASTED TIME FOR NO REASON. /end rant1 day ago  -  1 note

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To everyone freaking out about Outlander not coming back until April 4th

There are literally 8 books to read if you wanna find out what happens.

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